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Occupational Health & Safety


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First 3 Easy Steps

1. Report the accident, illness, or disease as soon as possible to a supervisor or upper management for the company.

2. Make sure that a formal report is written to verify your accident (Employers Form 7, and Employee Form 6).

3. CALL US! @ 1-866-WCB-WSIB for a FREE Consultation! We are the Occupational Health & Safety Experts in London, Hamilton, Toronto & Windsor. Give us your Stress.

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Dealing with Fatigue in the Workplace

Fatigue refers to either a mental or physical exhaustion that prevents a person from being to function properly. Fatigue poses a workplace hazard, even though it may be a result of factors not necessarily related to work. Company employees and management need to

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  • We have had the pleasure of working with Middlesex Elgin Legal Services for the past two years. Mr. Duarte and his staff have been very professional with their environment with London Language Institute. Middlesex Elgin Legal Services has assisted of our students with their WSIB LMR programs. We would recommend Middlesex Elgin Services to any institution.

    Justin Wismer Director, London Language Institute

  • We have been very pleased to work with Paul Duarte of Middlesex-Elgin Services Inc. and his professional staff for almost 3 years, Through Middlesex- Elgin Legal Services Inc. our clients have access to their specialist in advocacy for disability services. Most importantly, however, the service provided by Paul Duarte and the other Middlesex-Elgin Legal Services Inc. staff has been second to none. The feedback that our company has received from a number of our clients who have used their services has been unanimously positive. As a company, we have found Middlesex-Elgin Legal Services Inc. to be innovative in reaching out to their clients and providing the necessary details that allow them to make well-informed decision about their claims and disability needs. We believe that our partnership with Middlesex-Elgin Legal Services Inc. has been a significant addition to our client’s services and has served as a model as we have expanded our services in other areas.

    Durant D’Intino, Robertson Insurance and Financial Services

  • I have done independent medical evaluation on referral from Mr. Paul Duarte of Middlesex-Elgin Legal services since 1998. They have always done a thorough search of all medical records applicable to the case and presented them to me in a timely fashion to assist me in my medical opinion. The staff of MELS has always been courteous, accommodating and helpful. The clients that I have interviewed and examined seem very satisfied with the company’s professional approach to their problems.

    Robert Farley

  • I am writing this letter to let you know how happy I am with the outcome of my case. It took a long time, but it was sire was worth the wait in the end. I even joined the YMCA with some of the money that you got me. So life has become a little better since I have received the money from the NEL AWARD. This letter is to say thank you to you and your staff for hanging in there with me. I hope this letter helps anyone in the same situation I was in these past few years.

    Rosemary Smedly

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