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How Do You Handle Workplace Accidents?

How Do You Handle Workplace AccidentsAccidents that happen inside the workplace leads to cashing out of an organization’s budget, as well as cause various simple and severe injuries to employees directly and/or indirectly involved. It is with these aspects that make safety regulations and procedures so important, they need to be stringently imposed to lower or prevent health damages to workers and visitors alike. With today’s modern technology, the work environment’s health and safety becomes stricter than it originally was.

Inside the workplace, the employer has the duty of ensuring all workers’ safety. The employer has to make sure the carrying out of all regular risk assessments, finding out all potential problems, and straightening out of all problems as soon as possible.

But take note than however strict the safety rules are, there will be those rare situations leading to accidents. If it does happen, certain procedures need to be done immediately after it. All workplace accidents should be reported always to the proper authorities, who will then record the accidents in the company’s workplace accident book. Tallying these accidents may lead to discovering potential measures how to counteract said accidents. If the accident is of the severe category, the employer, with the go signal of the health care provider inside the company, needs to report this accident to the highest council for occupational workplace accidents, the Health and Safety Executive. This executive needs to hear all about the following workplace accidents:

  1. A workplace or work-related death
  2.  A work-related major injury
  3.  Work-related and work-induced diseases
  4.  Three days or more injuries
  5.  Dangerous on-site occurrences like Respiratory Viruses, Anthrax Episodes
  6.  A visitor, non-employee taken immediately to the hospital

If a workplace accident does occur, it is very crucial that the company investigates on as to how it had happened, who were involved, the when and where, and other circumstances that lead to the said accident. Investigations are crucial since preventive measures will be born out of this, will then be implemented, and will be tested as to how it can reduce the percentage of having the accident be repeated again.

If you yourself is directly involved in the accident and you believe that the fault is in your employer and how he/she handled the accident, you may claim for a basic compensation. Any claims you want to make must be done at least within 3 years from the exact date of accident. You then have to ask the professional help from a lawyer that will work for your behalf so that success will be on your side.

For all other information regarding compensation claims after accidents that was never your fault in the first place, contact a lawyer and discuss the probability of having to receive your claim.