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Be Safe on the Job!

Safety First - Be Safe on the JobA corrosive chemical flies onto the lab technician’s unprotected eyes. A couple of debris falling and hitting directly the head of a field worker. A grinding machine has hit the glove-less hands of a construction worker. These are just some of the many accidents likely to happen in the work environment, stressing not only the employees but the employers as well. Avoiding them completely might not be achieved, but both parties can certainly employ preventive measures. This lessens the pain and wages lost with the absences caused by the accidents on the employees’ part, but also saves paperwork and headache caused by these accidents on the employer’s side.

Injuries to the Back

Nearly all workmen have experience having back cramps and injuries. This body part has really suffered more than all parts combined. While this fact may not be surprising, it is not an excuse to neglect it. Here are some ways in avoiding back injuries, which you can include in health seminars, or as a way to cure your pains too.

1) Maintain a proper posture at all times, may you be lifting heavy stuff or getting something from the floor.

2) Adjust the work space allotted to you. Make sure your back is straight especially during doing computer tasks.

3) If your body aches, visit and consult your company medical staff.


Having worked at the same job, at the same location, at the same working hours, can lead to being a little bit more comfortable than the normal. This often leads to complacency on the employees’ part, making them at risk in making mistakes. Training your employees in being alert and vigilant at all times is a part of the safety awareness, and this will be one of the keys in reducing accidents and health expenditure.

Also teach them the importance of cleanliness before they end their shifts. When they leave stuff lying around, especially on the floor, increases the tripping hazards. It is also advised that power tools be turned off if they are not in use. You get to save money for your utility bills while keeping everyone safe.

Compensation Insurance for the Workers

Even your business is a small one, be sure that you are right in monitoring and paying the compensatory insurances for your workers. A lot of employers do not cover this in the employee’s policies, and may be a big problem when your employee gets to file their claim.